Project Ideas

Below is some brainstorming that I have done and things that I wish to build projects for in the future.

Model Rockets - Use these to build a project about quadratics in Algebra 2.

Can You Hear Me Now? - Cell phone plans/costs and linear equations.

Product Packaging - Students create a product and calculate surface area and volume in order to package the item.  Minimization is taught so as little material is used as possible.  Materials and cost will also be factored in.

Training in Math - Use the shipping of goods by Railroad to build a project, and include volume/surface area of cars, as well as costs and fuel use compared to other methods of shipping.  We would actually build a model railroad in class at the same time because I have the materials.

Sports Statistics - The numbers behind sports

Boating Bearings - Vectors, Trig Functions, and Navigation.  Include a navigational course portion where the students have to use a compass to navigate a course.

Annual Earnings of Different Levels of Education - Show how different levels of education, on average, make different amounts of money and compare the earnings over a lifetime

Woodworking - The students design a piece of furniture (or something else) and calculate how much wood and finish is needed, and include cost in it as well as a project scale drawing.

Backwoods Cabin

Tree selection (science)
Spot selection (social studies)
Size (Math – area, volume)
Stove and Chimney (size needed, amount of wood in a winter)
Roof (visqueen amount, sod amount, weight)
Temperature vs. heat loss (science)
Climate (science)
Transport (science, math, social studies)
Log cuts (math)
Log Drying time (math)

Backpacking Trip

Calories and Nutrition
Distance, Rate, Time
Gear and Cost
Planning and time involved

Hunting Trip

Rafting Trip

Subsistence Living
Animal Density
Fish Density
Run timing
Water flow rate
Food/water/shelter availability

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