Friday, September 13, 2013

Back Online

After nearly a two year hiatus, I am back!  I dropped the blog because I was working in the oil and gas fields in Colorado and North Dakota and got very busy in mudlogging, geosteering, and running my business.  I decided to drop it and go back into teaching in August 2012, and now one year later I am reimplementing some of the tools that I used as a teacher in previous years. 

I am currently teaching Math 4 (Algebra 2/Geometry/ Probability and Statistics), AP Calculus AB, and I have recently taken over the Industrial Arts program at Grand Valley High School in Parachute, CO.  I hope to continue to be an innovative educator and have ideas for projects integrating Industrial Arts and mathematics as well as my experience in the oil field with my Calculus class.  I continue to look forward to serving those around me to the best of my ability and as Christ would have me serve.

I am also currently working on an Education Leadership Master's degree, which will allow me to further enlarge my sphere of influence within the education world.  Many blessings!

Jason, Project Based Math Teacher

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